Frequently Asked Questions

What side does the solar cover go?

Bubble side down

My filter is leaking out the backwash line even though the filter is on "filter" position. Why is this?

Usually that means the gasket in the valve of the filter is bad. Incorrectly hooked up hoses can also cause leaking from the backwash.

How often should I change the sand in my filter?

We recommend changing the sand every year for above ground & 3-5 years for in ground. The filter should be chemically cleaned twice a season.

How often should I backwash my filter?

Only when the pressure gauge is reading 8-10 psi above a clean filter reading. If your pressure gauge is broke you need a new one so you can backwash when you are supposed to.

How much time will I spend a week on a pool?

By using one of our chemical programs and having an automatic cleaner, you can spend as little as 1 hour a week on your pool, testing the water, adding the chemicals, emptying the baskets, backwashing the filter, brushing the walls.

Why doesn't my site glass have water in it?

It only has water in it when you backwash the filter.

Do I need a fence?

Fencing around any pool is suggested for safety. In the state of Kentucky, your personal insurance decides the need for a fence. You should also be aware that there may be requirements for subdivisions by home owners associations.

Where should I keep the water level in my pool?

Half way up the skimmer or even a little higher.

I am pretty sure my pool has a leak

The best thing to do to find out if you have a leak is to do the bucket test. "The bucket test" is taking a bucket and filling it with water and setting it on the side of the pool. Mark the water level on the bucket and the water level at the skimmer in the pool. If you lose the same amount of water in both places it is simply evaporation. If you lose more in the pool then the bucket you have a leak. You will need to schedule a service call.

How often should I run my pump?

A minimum of 10-12 hours a day. But the best scenario is to run it 24 hours a day.


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